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Harry "Rocky" Greene, CEO | Phone: 630-548-1450

I have worked with people in the accumulation, retirement and estate planning phases of their lives. My guidance may be limited to a particular problem or be a comprehensive plan.  I'm licensed to work with clients in both securities and insurance planning. 


Common issues I work with include: Debt and tax reduction,proper investment mix for personal and work savings plans.  Reviewing insurance needs so they have properly structure protection.  I focus on listening to the clients concerns, then provide a clear set of recommendations.  My commitment to a high degree of customer service is the foundation of 30 years of successful results for our clients. 


Our mission:


The ultimate goal is to help people secure and maximize wealth and income for themselves and families.   


Greene Financial Services

I have a fiduciary responsibility to help clients understand the blending of these diverse asset classes so their money can last a lifetime and beyond.


What happens today is many clients (especially in retirement) are suffering the effects of too many cooks in the kitchen providing advice based on their own biases. In many situations, the client is sitting there wondering who exactly is looking out for their best interest.


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